Interview Deep Worlds SA


Can you introduce Deep Worlds studio?

We are a Swiss development studio specialising in the creation of immersive and innovative worlds.

How did you hear about BigWhoop?
I met the CEO during a battle in an MMORPG.

How would you rate the effort you had to put in to help BigWhoop with the market research?
Minimal, Big Whoop quickly made its mark on the project, and understood the stakes involved.

Were you satisfied with the work and support provided by BigWhoop?
In its entirety, Big Whoop provides a complete and comprehensive solution perfectly suited to our needs.

What did the market research actually do for you?
L’étude de marché nous a permis d’évaluer notre produit et de convaincre des investisseurs. Elle a été absolument décisive dans notre processus de financement. Grâce à cette dernière nous avons pu nous installer à l’ICC Genève.

Would you recommend BigWhoop to other companies?
Yes, Big Whoop provides a quality of service and a price perfectly suited to the independent video game sector.