Business Plan Jeu Vidéo
At the idea stage

Creating a business plan for your video game

The creation of a business plan is an essential step in estimating the projected costs of a video game. Quantifying these costs allows you to budget for the company's financial needs until the game is released and put on the market.

How to create a business plan for your video game

Many free business plan templates exist on the internet. This document in Excel format contains a large amount of financial information to be filled in. You must first specify, for each development phase, the production costs by category (human resources, copyright, hardware, software, hosting, transport, etc.) as well as the marketing costs (community management, website creation, video editing, advertising costs, etc.).

In a second step, the objective will be to identify funding to cover all your expenses, such as loans, seed capital, fundraising, grants, tax credits, etc.

Finally, the idea is to estimate your projected sales by conducting a plausible competitive analysis. Who are my competitors whose games are similar to my product? How many copies were sold and at what price? With what marketing budget? However, be careful: a competition analysis is not a market study. We strongly recommend that you carry out a market study to help you forecast your financing needs for the production and marketing of your video game beyond the pre-production phase (more about our market analysis method).

BigWhoop helps you draw up a business plan

Our agency offers experienced people in the video game industry to help you draw up a business plan. We have very precise information on the real cost of each expense item. This precision allows you to anticipate unforeseen events and to carry out your project in the best conditions.

In addition, we also have a thorough understanding of the various public schemes and how they work together to build a low-risk financing strategy. For example, many studios include public funding in their financing plans. This public funding is allocated according to the assessment of committees. The criteria on which these committees are based, when they exist, are subjective and depend on many parameters. Making the funding of your video game conditional on obtaining a grant carries a significant risk of the project failing.

Similarly, private funding also involves a degree of uncertainty. However, if a private investor refuses to finance you, you can go and present your project to another potential partner. The number of windows in the framework of public funding is limited.

Bonus Stage : To go further, we advise you to couple the establishment of the business plan with a financing strategy. The creation of the business plan allows you to ask yourself questions about costs and income in a global way. The funding strategy allows you to understand precisely what the rules, issues and duties are for each scheme and to make contingency plans if the initial strategy fails.