Rédiger dossier FAJV
Pre-production phase

How do you write your application for the CNC's video game support fund ("FAJV")?

To benefit from the CNC's video game support fund (called "fonds d’aide au jeu vidéo" or "FAJV" in French) , you must write a file presenting your video game.

This file can be put together at the idea, pre-production or production stage. Our agency has chosen to assist studios in the creation of their "FAJV" file mainly during the pre-production stage. This is when your studio generally needs the most help to validate its concept.

The essential steps for writing an "FAJV" application

An artistic dossier for a grant application to the Video Game Fund ("FAJV") is a subtle balance between a factual description of the content of your game and an attractive presentation for the reader. Cela veut dire que l’enchaînement des paragraphes doit être fluide et agréable à lire. Le document doit aussi mettre l’accent sur les éléments clefs qui rendent votre jeu unique. Rappelez-vous que le lecteur n’est pas dans votre tête ! If you are particularly proud of a gameplay mechanic or your original scenario, talk about it! 

On the contrary, mechanics that have been seen many times before or standard scenarios should be minimised in the presentation. Don't forget that the appendices are your allies. Write a summary of the most interesting elements in the main document and switch the details to the appendix. Few people are willing to read the detailed calculations of how your camera works. This is true even if it is a difficulty you have struggled with for weeks.

Bigwhoop takes care of writing your video game fund application

Bigwhoop offers to write your video game fund application ("FAJV") for you. Our method consists of synthesising and highlighting your project from your existing documentation (game design documents, moodboards, graphic assets, script, etc.). The agency has experienced profiles capable of identifying the strong points of your game and highlighting them within the deadlines imposed by the CNC.

We can also help you to manage the collection of documents required for your application and to complete the administrative document. To anticipate this workload, we recommend that you think about a business plan in advance. This document will specify the costs of the game during its development (more about the business plan).

Bonus Stage 1 : The vast majority of the descriptions written in your "FAJV" pre-production or production file can be reused in an application file for provisional approval for the video game tax credit ("CIJV"). (more about writing a dossier for the "CIJV").

Bonus Stage 2 : Applications to the CNC's video game fund require a 3-minute on-camera presentation of the game. These few minutes are very short to present your game. It is very important to maximise the effectiveness of this presentation. The agency is able to write your speech as well as record and edit the video (more about video creation).

Bonus Stage 3 : During your pre-production phase, we recommend that you anticipate the production of a realistic market study to facilitate the financing of the production of the game (more about producing a realistic market research).