rédiger dossier CIJV
Production phase

Writing your video game tax credit file ("CIJV")

Writing a video game tax credit called "crédit d’impôt jeu vidéo" or "CIJV" in French) application can allow you to benefit from a reimbursement of 30% of the expenses related to the development of a video game. To benefit from this, you must submit a provisional approval application file. This 'dossier' consists of an artistic file and an administrative file.

The purpose of the artistic dossier is to provide arguments on your eligibility for the scheme. These arguments can describe the originality of your game or the innovations you are developing. An administrative file then allows you to evaluate the development costs and your financial capacity to complete the project..

This 'dossier' must be submitted to the CNC as soon as possible. The CIJV is only available from the official date of submission of the application..

Important points for writing a video game tax credit ("CIJV") dossier

The "CIJV" dossier must emphasise the arguments that enable the eligibility criteria to be met. Obviously, depending on the type of game presented, the arguments to be put forward will differ. 

For example, if it is a video game with a strong narrative component, it would be ideal to show the characters in dialogue situations as well as the major milestones that define your scenario. On the other hand, if it is a video game with no storyline but with a game engine that allows many units to be displayed on the screen, you should describe precisely how your technology works.

A structured, fluent and understandable writing style is essential to make your application easy to read. A pleasing graphic presentation also helps to show the seriousness of your approach.

BigWhoop writes your video game tax credit dossier

BigWhoop has several experienced profiles specialising in the video game industry. We offer to write your "CIJV" file and enable you to file it in a very short time. Our method consists of using your existing documents to produce a first version of the file. These documents can be a game design document, technical documents, graphic assets, moodboards or a prototype. We also sometimes build on an initially rejected file to produce a better quality dossier.

Following the production of this first version, we will assess any weaknesses in the file. If necessary, we will ask you to clarify certain points or produce a few additional assets. This method minimises the time spent putting together the file while maximising the speed of submission. Our intervention is generally partially or fully reimbursed by a filing date - i.e. a date on which eligibility begins - that is much faster than if you had produced the application yourself.

Bonus Stage 1 When well written and presented, the "CIJV" file can also be used to apply for grants such as the CNC's video game support fund ("FAJV") for pre-production (more about writing a pre-production dossier).

Bonus Stage 2 : In the context of an "FAJV" application for production funding, an additional part should be described concerning marketing and communication. To convince the commission that your game has a chance of selling, we recommend that you produce a realistic market study (more about producing market research).