BigWhoop, an agency specialising in solving writing, financial, marketing and communication problems for video game development companies.

BigWhoop intervenes at every stage of your project to meet the needs of video game development studios.

Each service is carried out by a group of highly qualified and experienced people who are fully aware of the challenges and the development process of a video game.
Give your project every chance of success from the idea stage
Got a good idea for a video game? Great! Now let's study the feasibility of the project. Who are my main competitors? What are the features of their products? How much will it cost to produce and market my video game? How can I finance it at each stage of its development? We can help you answer each of these questions!
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Reduce R&D costs in the prototyping phase
Your video game idea has a period of great technical uncertainty. You don't know if your video game will be able to be made without a research and development (R&D) campaign. However, R&D is expensive and you may need additional funds to avoid using up your entire pre-production budget to solve technical issues. We can help you significantly reduce your prototyping costs.
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Ensuring the transition of the idea to a vertical slice
You have estimated that your idea is feasible and deserves the production of a vertical slice. However, how do you finance its production? Which market is interested in your new concept and ready to buy the full game? How can you use this vertical slice to predict the profitability of your game? We can help you answer each of these questions!
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Limit the production costs of your video game
Good news! If you are launching the production of your video game, it means that you have found the funding to continue development. However, to reduce your production costs and keep some money under your belt, solutions exist! We can help you to reduce your production costs efficiently.
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With your game about to be released, it's time to take stock and prepare for what's next!
At this stage, you have most likely benefited from a number of schemes to reduce your production costs. To keep the money from these schemes, you will need to produce documents that list the exact nature of your expenditure, the amounts actually spent and the geographical location of the companies you have used. We can help you produce these documents efficiently.
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